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5 Reasons to Stay in a Tiny Cabin in the Woods

Just in case you needed another reason to escape into nature,
here are 5 quick reasons why you should book yourself a weekend getaway in a tiny cabin!

Getaway tiny cabins in the woods
The true showstopper of all Getaway cabins – the mega window bed with a seamless view into the forest.

1.) A Mini Escape from 2020
With a year like this, no one can blame you from wanting to get away and escape from it all. What better way than a Getaway in nature. These tiny cabins were designed to embrace social distancing, well before 2020 came crashing in. Not only is each cabin distanced at least 50’-150’ feet away from another, but you get the peace of mind of having the entire cabin all to yourself. There is no front desk or communal gathering places, all the information you need is texted to you upon arrival. It was a true touchless system with no human contact. Plus the entire Getaway property was wooded and very spread out. We had plenty of room to stretch and soak in the quiet. So if you’re due for some real social distancing from 2020, disconnect in your own tiny cabin in the woods.

2.) Perfect Little Cabins for a Solo Weekend 
Getaway cabins offer the ideal set-up for someone to “get off the grind” on their own. Each cabin is perfectly equipped for an adventure for one. Plus each unit secures with a lock code and internal deadbolt, giving you the peace of mind to just unwind. During our stay we felt perfectly cozy inside our locked cabin each night. For my next Getaway I’d love to book a cabin for just Merdock and myself. All Getaway locations and cabins are dog friendly, and encourage you to bring your furry best friend along.

Journaling in the woods
Journaling with the best view from inside our Getaway cabin.

3.) Minimal Packing and Planning
All Getaway cabins include heating and air conditioning, indoor shower and bathroom, dishes, and a kitchenette. They also provide biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for you to use, along with fresh clean towels. We learned pretty quickly that we severely over packed for our two-night stay. Getaway tiny cabins are set up and ready for you to not sweat it. They are perfectly designed to have everything you would need and nothing extra that you don’t need. The space itself, beautifully encourages guests to disconnect from everyday life and just be present and breathe.

Taking time to enjoy nature
Taking time to just enjoy nature.

4.) Pause for Natural Reflection
Getaway truly lives up to their name; these tiny cabins are a true escape in nature. These slick little cabins are painted black, which almost makes them disappear into the shady forests that they are tucked within. Each cabin is surprisingly cozy while remaining very minimalistic. The true showstopper – the mega window bed with a seamless view into the forest. For us, Getaway Chattahoochee tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia was perfect for a weekend “getaway.” For two nights we unplugged, recharged, and took time to just be present with each other.


5.) Inclusive Outdoor Experience
The model of the Getaway experience is one that I wish more outfitters and outdoor companies would embrace; creating moments in nature with minimal barriers to entry. They have perfected the balance between connecting with nature while still ensuring that visitors are not overwhelmed by it. This curated, controlled setting offers a welcoming environment, much more than your typical campground. The most refreshing parts of our stay with Getaway was the diversity among the other guests. The reality is that the outdoors are scary for many people, especially those who have grown up in cities with limited experiences in nature. Seeing all genders and races and sexual orientations out enjoying nature needs to be commonplace. An escape into the outdoors should be safe and welcoming for all. How refreshing to see Getaway bring that reality to life with their inclusive business model. They really believe that anyone should be able to find some peace and quiet in nature!

If you need any additional convincing to book one of these chic tiny cabins,
watch my video tour and read my Complete Guide to Getaway: and Stay in a Chic Tiny Cabin!