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Complete Guide to Getaway: And Stay in a Chic Tiny Cabin

Getaway truly lives up to their name, these tiny cabins are a true escape in nature. For Lance and me, Getaway Chattahoochee tucked away in the Blue Ridge mountains of Georgia was perfect for a weekend “getaway.” For two nights all that surrounded us were the hooting calls of barred owls, while we played round after round of Monopoly Deal. We unplugged, recharged, and took time to just be present with each other.

But one of the most refreshing parts of our stay with Getaway was the diversity among the other guests. This curated, controlled setting offers a welcoming environment, much more than your typical campground. They have perfected the balance between connecting with nature while still ensuring that visitors are not overwhelmed by it. The reality is that the outdoors are scary for many people, especially those who have grown up in cities with limited experiences in nature. Seeing all genders and races and sexual orientations out enjoying nature needs to be commonplace. An escape into the outdoors should be safe and welcoming for all. How refreshing to see Getaway bring that reality to life with their inclusive business model. They really believe that anyone should be able to find some peace and quiet in nature! 

For Lance and me, Getaway offers a setting where both of our needs can be met. Where there is both a hot shower for Lance and plenty of Mother Nature for me. Instead of packing up the tent and a mountain of gear for a couple of nights in the woods, we slept soundly in our tiny cabin. Lance didn’t have to abandon his idea of comfort and snuggled into the fresh sheets and queen bed (that didn’t have to be pumped up with air). In fact, all Getaway cabins include heating and air conditioning, indoor plumbing, toiletries, dishes, and a kitchenette. These slick little cabins are painted black, which almost makes them disappear into the shady forests that they are tucked within. Inside, they are surprisingly cozy while remaining very minimalistic. A quick Instagram search will reveal the true showstopper of all Getaway cabins – the mega window bed with a seamless view into the forest. They are perfectly designed to have everything you would need and nothing extra that you don’t need. The space itself beautifully encourages guests to disconnect from everyday life and just be present and breathe.

Getaway tiny cabins in the woods
Secluded tiny cabin by Getaway.

The entire concept of Getaway is to disconnect and distance in nature. By design, they are made for plenty of social distancing. This means easy self-check-in and check-out processes without a front desk. Getaway texted us our cabin access code 30 minutes before we arrived; it was a true touchless system. Pulling in, we quickly realized how spread out the property was. Each cabin was distanced at least 50’-150’ away from another, and without any communal gathering spaces like campgrounds. We had plenty of room to stretch and soak in the quiet. The beautiful part about staying with Getaway is all hours are quite hours! They encourage using low voices, keeping the music down, and being respectful of your neighbors.

Outdoor seating area with Getaway Cabin
Each tiny cabin has their own fire ring, two Adirondack chairs, and picnic table outside.

The Getaway experience as a whole was very thoughtful and personal, with a handwritten welcome note waiting for us as we walked in. They really are all about the details. Each house is even named after a grandparent of a staff member. This added touch acts as a reminder that our grandparents often share timeless lessons – like the importance of time outside, away from our screens. So, we took the guidance of Casper, the grandparent behind our cabin, and did just that, enjoyed our time in nature.

Questions and Answers:

(Before staying at Getaway cabins, we had lots of questions that we were curious of, so I hope these help clear some things up for y’all) 

Getaway tiny Cabins
Massive window out into nature.

Q: How tiny are they?

A: Each Getaway cabin is anywhere from 140-200 square feet. This seems itty-bitty, but for an escape in nature it was the perfect size for us move about and retreat in when it started raining.  

Q: Where are they located?

A: There are currently twelve different Getaway properties in the United States. All are typically two hours away from a major city, think Boston, New York City, Atlanta, Houston, Charlotte, among others. The newest Getaway location is in Asheboro, North Carolina just 90 miles from Charlotte.

Metal sign outside Getaway Cabin
Each tiny cabin at Getaway is named after a staff member grandparent, ours was Casper.

Q: How expensive is it?

A: Compared to pitching your own tent, pricing isn’t cheap. Nightly rates currently range from $119 to $299 depending on the day of week and the season. For our two night stay we paid $300 which broke down to $135 each night plus taxes and fees. 

Q: Are they dog friendly?

A: Yep, pack the pouch, dogs are welcome at all Getaway locations. We left ours behind (sorry, Merdock), since we were going to be visiting a chimpanzee sanctuary during our stay.

Milo pouring water for apple cider
Prepping hot apple cider inside our Getaway.

Q: Are the cabins accessible?

A: Yes, most Getaway locations have accessible cabins. We were accidentally booked in one during our stay. It was equipped with a short ramp walkway into the cabin, additional floor space, a large bathroom with grab bars and a barrier-free shower. Reach out to before you book to request an accessible cabin.

Q: How many people can fit in a tiny cabin?

A: Most Getaway houses are made for couples to enjoy, but you have the option to book a cabin with queen size bunks for families.

Hot shower inside tiny Getaway Cabin
Hot showers inside each tiny cabin.

Q: Can I use my phone?

A: No WiFi, but our cell phones worked fine. I even FaceTime toured someone of our tiny cabin. Each cabin has its own landline in the case of an emergency. Getaway recommends disconnecting from your phone. They even offer cellphone lockboxes in every cabin.

Q: What’s included in the cabins?

A: All Getaway cabins include a full private bath, AC/heat, a complete kitchenette with a sink (with drinking water), stove, a mini-fridge, and plenty of dishes for meals. They also provide biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for you to use, along with fresh clean towels. We learned pretty quickly that we severely overpacked for our two-night stay.

Q: Are the cabins secure?

A: All the Getaway cabins are kept safe and secure with a lock code and internal deadbolt. We felt perfectly cozy inside our locked cabin each night. 

Milo writing in his travel journal inside a Getaway cabin.
Writing in my travel journal inside our Getaway cabin.