Travel Journal: Delta Dreaming

During this period of pause, while all of our travels are on hold, I’ve been reminiscing on some of my favorite adventures. Paging through my travel journal has pulled me into reliving those moments. Maybe it’s the quarantine talking, but that journal is so much more than just a random stack of pages to write on. It’s top on my list of “what to grab if your house is on fire.” Seriously I don’t even let this thing sit on a shelf. It lives inside our fire proof safe instead. I’ve poured many memories into this priceless journal over the last decade, and I wouldn’t dare lose it. To be frank I can’t thank myself enough for taking the time to write down my thoughts and feelings on those trips. Besides photos, my travel journal is the only way to ignite my memories from those adventures.

Okavango Delta African Safari

My escape today takes me back to 2012, from the trip of a lifetime with my best friend on a boating safari through the Okavango Delta.
This remote region of northern Botswana is where I want y’all to listen for a 12,000 pound animal wading through the marsh

“We sat there, and for the first time our guide turned off the motor and the six of us were silent.
It was in that moment that I had a second to realize just how peaceful and untouched the delta really is!
The only noise that could be heard was the sloshing of the bull as he trudged though the marsh.
The noise he made pulled me deep into the moment and created a true “goosebump” sensation!
After what felt like years the bull finally walked far enough that we could see him. That beautiful creature was easily less then 40 yards from us. Just slowly making his way across the channel. He causally drank a trunkful of water before becoming hidden by the reeds. Seeing him was an absolutely amazing experience, one that was completely unexpected!” -July 11th, 2012

Okavango Delta Elephant SafariThis encounter left me with one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.
This massive elephant paused at the perfect moment for me to freeze this memory forever. 

His image now proudly hangs in the middle of our living room. Seeing this moment everyday means I get a daily reminder to relive that brief encounter. We all need regular reminders to pause and listen to the world around us. What’s your reminder? 

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