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Video: Lookin’ for GATORS in Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve

What… alligators in Columbia, South Carolina? I recently heard that Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve has gators lurking in its murky waters, and that was all I needed to be on the hunt for the scaled giants! Packed with binoculars, camera, and drenched in bug spray, I hit the 3 mile loop. But gator viewing luck wasn’t on my side for my first visit…. Or my second visit…. Not even my third…. But I would have guessed that after four treks into the preserve that I would catch a glimpse of an alligator…. nope. 
Regardless, Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve is a beautiful wetland park that I definitely recommend exploring. Between the lily pads and Spanish moss, this ecosystem sets the perfect Southern scene. Here’s hoping that someday I’m lucky enough to spot an alligator away in this enchanting ecosystem. 

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