Australian WILDfires.

Australia is being smoked out of one of the most devastating fire seasons. For the past five months, flames have burned over 12 million acres of land. For a little perspective, the 2018 California wildfires burned less than 2 million acres. Though Australian ecosystems are no stranger to brushfires, this devastation is unprecedented!

Australia Wildfire brushfire kangaroo

Kangaroo fleeing the brushfires. Picture by Matthew Abbot for The New York Times.

Climate change has fueled these flames… Last year was not only the hottest year on record in Australia but also the driest. In fact, just last month a Sydney suburb peaked with a daily high of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A changing climate has created a tinder box condition to ignite these flames. 

Australian Wildfires

Picture by Matthew Abbott for The New York Times.

Scientists have estimated that more than half a billion animals have already died in the fires. For comparison it’s estimated the United States is home to 30 million white tailed deer; 500,000,000 million is over 16x that population number! The loss of wildlife is staggering, and many are considering that number to be conservative. 

But you can help! Remember that your voice is powerful, and your social media can be used for good. Think of it as a megaphone to your community. Use it to get others attention. This collective voice is what drove me to take action and encourage others to do the same! We are all citizens of this planet and even if these flames are not directly affecting us, it’s all of our shared responsibility to care for one another and our planet.


Join me in sharing this message and donating to help rescue Australia’s wildlife in need. I donated to Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc. (WIRES), Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization. They have established an emergency fund to help rescue and care for wildlife effected by the fires. WIRES is helping to treat wildlife with life threatening burns and injures. Many are being rescued severely dehydrated from the lack of water and food from the drought. These animals need our help, together we can support Australian wildlife in dyer need. 

Never underestimate the power of your own voice. Make everyday life for wildlife! 





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